I_P (partr) wrote,

Климовcкие в графстве Камбрия или какого шилишпера?

Гардиан о крушении поезда в графстве Камбрия, Great Britain:
It is believed that the Rail Accident Investigation Branch will draw attention to the fact that nuts were missing from points on a section of track where the high-speed Virgin Pendolino train derailed, killing a grandmother and seriously injuring 11 other passengers.
Well, well...
"Denis Grigoryev!" the magistrate begins. "Come nearer, and answer my questions. On the seventh of this July the railway watchman, Ivan Semyonovitch Akinfov, going along the line in the morning, found you at the hundred-and-forty-first mile engaged in unscrewing a nut by which the rails are made fast to the sleepers. Here it is, the nut! . . . With the aforesaid nut he detained you. Was that so?"
"Was this all as Akinfov states?"
"To be sure, it was."
"Very good; well, what were you unscrewing the nut for?"
"Drop that 'wha-at' and answer the question; what were you unscrewing the nut for?"
"If I hadn't wanted it I shouldn't have unscrewed it," croaks Denis, looking at the ceiling.
"What did you want that nut for?"
"The nut? We make weights out of those nuts for our lines."
"Who is 'we'?"
"We, people. . . . The Klimovo peasants, that is."
Дальше, как известно, герои чеховского "Злоумышленника", он же "a Мalefactor"*, обсуждают повадки шилишпера.

*Перевод чеховского рассказа - учебный материал с сайта университета Brock, Онтарио, Канада. К нему прилагается что-то вроде опросника. Вопрос номер три особенно хорош:
In your own words, describe what kind of person Grigoryev is. Have you ever encountered anyone similar?

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