January 3rd, 2019


Sinkin' Soon

под катом - нежнейшая (как правило, но не здесь) Нора Джонс c засурдиненной трубой Чака МакКинона (тромбоном Уолтера Хокса?) с третьего диска певицы 'Not Too Late' (2007, )

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«We're an oyster cracker on the stew / And the honey in the tea / We're the sugar cubes, one lump or two / In the black coffee [...] In a boat that's built of sticks and hay / We drifted from the shore / With a captain who's too proud to say / That he dropped the oar [...] We're gonna be sinkin' soon / We're gonna be sinkin' soon / Everybody hold your breath / 'Cause we're gonna be sinkin' soon»

nice, isnt'it?