I_P (partr) wrote,


Борхес пишет о Уайлде, цитирует строку Лайонела Джонсона:
Alone with Christ, desolate else, left by mankind / Один с Христом, в сиротстве, брошенный людьми

Гипнотическая "The Church of a Dream", откуда строка, - под катом

Sadly the dead leaves rustle in the whistling wind,
Around the weather-worn, gray church, low down the vale :
The Saints in golden vesture shake before the gale ;
The glorious windows shake, where still they dwell enshrined ;
Old Saints, by long dead, shrivelled hands, long since designed :
There still, although the world autumnal be, and pale,
Still in their golden vesture the old saints prevail ;
Alone with Christ, desolate else, left by mankind.
Only one ancient Priest offers the Sacrifice,
Murmuring holy Latin immemorial :
Swaying with tremulous hands the old censer full of spice,
In gray, sweet incense clouds ; blue, sweet clouds mystical :
To him, in place of men, for he is old, suffice
Melancholy remembrances and vesperal.

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