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А нам и невдомек

Эк, основатель Фейсбука Марк Цукерберг, оказывается, латинист и знаток Илиады:
His best subject in school: “At his Ardsley, N.Y., high school, he excelled in the classics. He transferred to Phillips Exeter Academy where he immersed himself in Latin. In college, he was known for reciting lines from epic poems such as "The Iliad."” - WSJ

His idea of a good time: “He led a toga party to celebrate Facebook's 100-million-user mark.” - WSJ

He may have hacked into the e-mails of the Harvard college newspaper staff: “Mark used his site, TheFacebook.com, to look up members of the site who identified themselves as members of the Crimson. Then he examined a log of failed logins to see if any of the Crimson members had ever entered an incorrect password into TheFacebook.com. If the cases in which they had entered failed logins, Mark tried to use them to access the Crimson members' Harvard email accounts.” – Business Insider ( отсюда )
Вылитый Улисс. И талисманом Facebook должен быть кроющий козлика Фрэнка, как бык овцу, Троянский конь.

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