I_P (partr) wrote,

to the very end

кавер 'Dance me to the end of love' в исп-нии Мадлен Пейру, первая дорожка альбома 'Careless Love'.
сравнивают с Билли? правы - та же ритмическая эквилибристика на резиновой лонже.
A dear friend and musician gave me tapes of early Columbia years with Billie, Prez, Teddy Wilson.. these were quintet recordings, deceivingly simple and powerful, light- hearted and meaningful recordings that I guess now were the perfect fit for my education at the time. I was after all about fifteen years old..I didn't have the mental maturity to really think things through..I memorized everything I could..trying to grasp the meaning in Billie's simplicity..It was by learning her mannerisms that I was learning to listen to my own. It was Billie's strength and bravery that made me feel brave enough to step out.. (отсюда)
сходство особенно подчеркиваемо/очевидно на третьем треке альбома - 'Don't Cry Baby'.
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